Open for Application

I. Application

Application Form (PDF Format / MSWord Format)




Please submit the completed application form together with a brief proposal two months prior to the programme to:

SEN Service, Office of Student Affairs
3/F, Pommerenke Student Centre,

Wellness and Counselling Centre (OSA),
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


The brief proposal should include the following information:

1. Objective of the training programme
2. Target participants and number of participants
3. Information about the speaker(s) / organization(s) (if applicable)
4. Budget plan
5. Proposed rundown of the programme
6. Means of promotion and registration
7. Expected impact of the programme to the CUHK Community

II. Reimbursement:


The following items must be sent to SEN Service, Office of Student Affairs within one month after the programme.


1. Brief report of the programme (PDF Format/ MSWord Format)
2. Attendance record of the programme

3. Proof of payment of the costs involved
4. Interdepartmental transfer form with relevant information of College / Faculty / Department filled