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1. Opening Address  
  Professor Dennis Ng 
(Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor, University Dean of Students, Chairman of Disability Services Coordinating Committee)
powerpoint text
2. Disability Discrimination Ordinance (DDO) - Code of Practice on Education  
  Dr. Ferrick Chu (Head of Policy & Research, the Equal Opportunities Commission) powerpoint text
3. University’s Supports to Students with Disabilities  
a. Roles and responsibilities of the Office of Student Affairs  
  Mr. Raymond Leung (Director of Student Affairs) powerpoint text
b. Supporting students in building development  
  Mr. David Lim (Director of Campus Development) powerpoint
c. Supporting students’ studies  
  Professor Lam Ching-man 
(Chair, Undergraduate Program and Curriculum Committee, Department of Social Work)
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d. Supporting students’ campus life  
  Mrs. Christina Li (College Secretary, United College) powerpoint text
4. Sharing by CU Student  
  Mr. Wong Ka-ho (Year 1 Social Work student with visual disability) powerpoint text