For accidents and emergencies in campus, please contact:

 Service Unit  Website  Enquiry (phone)
 Security Office (Emergency Call)   3943 7999

For enquiries on support services for students with SEN, please contact:

 Service Unit  Website  Enquiry (phone)
 SEN Service,
 Office of Student Affairs   3943 5441

For enquiries and referral for psychological counselling, please contact:

 Service Unit  Website  Enquiry (phone)

 Wellness and Counselling Centre, 
 Office of Student Affairs   3943 7208

For learning enhancement service for non-local students:

 Service Unit  Website  Enquiry (phone)
 Learning and Cultural Enhancement Section,
 Office of Student Affairs   3943 7945

For urgent health-related matters of students, please contact:

 Service Unit  Website  Enquiry (phone) 
 During office hours
 University Medical Service Office (UMSO) 

 3943 6422 (information on emergency care services)
 3943 6439 (appointment)

 Beyond office hours
 Security Office (Emergency Call)  3943 7999

For assistance of classroom facilities in teaching buildings, please contact:

 Teaching building  Enquiry (Phone)
 An Integrated Teaching Building (AIT)
 Chen Kou Bun Building (CKB)
 Esther Lee Building (ELB)
 Hui Yeung Shing Building (HYS)
 Sino Building (SB)
 William M. W. Mong Engineering Building (ERB)
 Wong Foo Yuan Building (FYB)
 Wu Ho Man Yuen Building (WMY)
 Yasumoto International Academic Park (YIA)

 3943 6462









 Fung King Hey Building (KHB)
 Lee Dak Sum Building (LDS)
 Lee Shau Kee Building (LSK)
 Leung Kau Kui Building (KKB)
 Y. C. Liang Hall (LHC)

 3943 7917





 Lady Shaw Building (LSB)
 Science Centre (SC)

 3943 6320


 Mong Man Wai Building (MMW)  3943 4029

For teaching buildings located in Colleges, please contact the relevant Colleges. You can refer to the contact of Colleges for students.

For locations of buildings, please refer to CU Map.