Through sponsoring CUHK Colleges/departments/units, student organizations/ societies/ interest groups, and informal student groups in organizing activities that promote SEN awareness and inclusion, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) SEN Service (SENS) hopes to invite CUHK staff and students to join hands in promoting SEN awareness among the CUHK community, thus fostering an inclusive campus for all students to thrive in.


1. Eligibility


a. Application is open to CUHK Colleges/Departments/Units, student organizations/societies/ interest groups registered/affiliated with OSA, and non-registered, informal student groups.


b. Proposed activities should be organized with a key aim to promote CUHK members’ awareness and understanding of SEN and/or facilitate students with SEN in the adaptation of campus life. Please refer to the website for more information about SEN.


c. Applications will be assessed and considered based on the objectives of the proposed activities, implementation feasibility, creativity, expected impact on the participants/ the CUHK community, and funding availability.


d. Applications may be jointly submitted by more than one Department/Unit and Student Organization/ Society/ Interest Group.


e. Applicants may submit more than one application under this sponsorship scheme within one financial year (1 July – 30 June of the following year). Priority will be given to first-time applicants.


2. Funding


a. Funding support for each application is capped at HK$6,000 and will be disbursed in the form of reimbursement based on the actual expense amount incurred.


b. Please click here for details on the funding coverage.



3. Application Guidelines and Procedure


a. Applicants should apply online at least two months prior to the activity.


b. Please click here for details on the funding coverage and conditions before application.



4. Reimbursement Procedures


a. To apply for reimbursement, applicants should submit the following online within one month after completion of the activity:

• Attendance list with participants’ names and staff/student numbers
• At least 5 photos taken in the activity
• (For internal units) copies of receipts and any associated credit card statements for online purchases
• (For student groups) electronic receipts and associated credit card statements for online purchases; any hard-copy receipts must be submitted to SENS (3/F, Pommerenke Student Centre, CUHK)


b. Once the reimbursement request is processed:

• CUHK College/Department/Unit will receive an email with charging information and will be required to raise an electronic interdepartmental transfer (e-IBT) to receive the reimbursement.

• Student Organizations/Societies/Interest Groups/Informal Groups will be reimbursed via bank transfer/ cheque.


For enquiries, please contact SEN Service at or 3943 5441.