• General medical care
The University Health Service (UHS) provides general medical service for all full-time staff and students. Please visit the website of UHS for details.


• Psychological counselling
The service is provided by the Wellness and Counselling Centre (WACC) of the Office of Student Affairs. Please visit the website of WACC for more details.


• Career counselling
The Career Planning and Development Centre (CPDC) offers information on career opportunities, career talks, career counselling and programmes on preparation for job hunting. More information can be found in the website of CPDC.


• Services Provided by Colleges
Colleges provide a range of support services for undergraduate students, such as hostel accommodation, College activities and various term-time and summer programmes. Please visit the Useful Contacts section for contact information of Colleges.


• Academic Advisory
The Academic Advisory System aims at supporting students' academic development. It is also part of CUHK's whole student support and pastoral care system. Each full-time student will be assigned an academic advisor upon admission. Academic advisors, apart from giving advice on academic matters, can become resource persons and provide information on other whole-person development opportunities to the students.

Please refer to this website for details.