Accessible classrooms
Most of the classrooms and lecture halls are accessible to students with special educational needs. Learn more about the locations of teaching buildings here.


Special facilities and arrangements for classes
According to the special needs of students, special arrangements can be made during lectures or tutorials, for examples, provision of height-adjustable tables, preferential seating, class attendance allowance, etc.


Eligible students with difficulties in reading books in hard copy can request for electronic versions, subject to availability.


Note-taking service
In-class note-taking service can be offered to eligible students with difficulties in taking their notes during lectures (e.g. due to hearing impairment). SEN Service has also subscribed Glean, a note-taking software that can improve the note-taking support for student with SEN. The app enables students to capture lecture content, import and integrate lecture slides, add quick labels, notes, and tasks, and convert recorded audio into text. Students with generic needs can contact the SEN Service Manager for registration. Learn more about the app here.


Library facilities

University Libraries provide a range of academic support facilities and services to users with specific needs. Students may approach the service counters in libraries for assistance. Visit here for the availability of accessible facilities and services in CUHK libraries.