Eligible students with special educational needs (SEN) are highly encouraged to self-report their SEN to the university through registration with the SEN Service of Office of Student Affairs after their admission to allow timely arrangement of necessary support services.


1. Eligibility


All full-time undergraduates / postgraduates with permanent disabilities or SEN; full-time postgraduates with permanent disabilities or SEN may also apply directly with their respective departments for special lecture/ examination arrangements if necessary. 


2. Registration Procedure, Guidelines and Requirements


a. Read carefully the Guidelines for SEN Service Registration (PDF) for registration and documentary evidence requirements


b. Complete the SEN Service Registration Form and submit the relevant supporting documents online


c. Students will be notified via email to schedule a meeting with our SEN Service Manager to go through the application.


3. Registration Deadline for Special Examination Arrangements for Centralized Course Examinations (Summer Session, 2023-24)


Students with SEN who need special examination arrangements for centralized course examinations (i.e. final exams) in Summer Session, 2023-24, are required to register with the SEN Service on or before 31 May 2024. Please refer to the above for registration procedure, guidelines and requirements.