1. How to facilitate effective communication with people who have hearing impairment?

Many people with hearing impairment, especially those with severe impairment, rely on reading lip movement to facilitate understanding of others' speaking. So, when speaking to them, it may help if you face them and let them see your lip movement. Try to repeat what you said if they have difficulties understanding your oral messages. For some individuals with hearing impairment who mainly use sign language, written messages with some gesture will help. If the person is with unilateral hearing impairment, you can speak on the side with better hearing ability.


2. How can I convey my message to people with visual impairment?

You can speak to them by means of audible signals. Avoid using visual channels such as eye contacts, gestures, etc.. Describe directions to them clearly by using expressions like "on your left/right" (instead of "here" or "there"). More tips on interacting with people who have visual impairment can be found on the website of Hong Kong Blind Union.