Tufting comes from an old embroidery technique - the tufting method. In this workshop, you will learn how to use the electric tufting gun, understand the tufting process and principles, and make your own unique work starting from scratch. Tufting is suitable for beginners, even for those without artistic instinct can get started easily.


Details are as below:

Workshop Highlights: Make your own carpet (20cm x 20cm) with a tufting gun and yarn (Participants must submit the design by 04 Oct 2023 to confirm the registration, please click here to check the design requirements.)


Date/ Time: 12 Oct 2023 (Thu) / 17:45-21:00

Venue: Room 303, Pommerenke Student Centre

Medium of Instruction: Cantonese

Fee: Free of charge

Registration: Click here to register by 28 Sept 2023


All CUHK full-time staff are welcome; priority will be given to Departmental SEN Contact Staff.