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uShine SEN Service Team


1. Introduction

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Established since 2015, the uShine SEN Service Team is a peer support network that facilitate peers with SEN in the adjustment of campus life while raising the awareness and understanding of SEN among the CUHK community, thus fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment that will enable all students to thrive and shine in their own way.


2. Takeaways

 As a uShiner, you will be able to:

ü understand the needs of students with SEN through various training;

ü support students with SEN in their adjustment to campus life and university studies; and

ü work together with other uShiners to plan, coordinate, and execute service projects and activities that foster an inclusive learning environment at CUHK


3. Eligibility

 You are welcome to join us if you are:

- A full-time non-final year undergraduate or postgraduate student (from any fields of study)

- Supportive, helpful, and eager to promote an inclusive learning environment in CUHK


4. Schedule for uShine SEN Service Team Training Programme 

Schedule for uShine SEN Service Team Training Programme


5. Application

Application Link


6. Past Training and Events

Past Training and Events


7. Sharing by Past uShiners

Sharing by Past uShiners


8. uShine Social Media

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